Stop smoking service

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Specialist Stop Smoking Service:

We now offer a specialist stop smoking service. You can have six weekly sessions of help and support to get you through the hardest part of quitting. You can expect top quality advice on medications that can help you (which you’ll get on prescription) along with support on the really difficult bit – changing your behaviours and habits so you can be smokefree, for good! You’ll also be able to see your health improving before your eyes with regular Carbon Monoxide tests. 

Appointments are available 1 to 1 with a specialist advisor on Wednesday afternoons. 

If you feel that you are ready to stop smoking, then please ask a receptionist to book your first stop smoking appointment.  The first appointment is 30 minutes, with weekly 10 minute follow-up appointments. 

Additionally, we work in partnership with specialist services in the locality for: 

  • Anti–coagulation monitoring 
  • Patients with learning disorders 
  • Complex neurological problems 
  • Diabetes 
  • Alcohol and smoking misuse 
  • Minor surgery 
  • Fertility and maternity