About Us


Belgrave Medical Centre is a well-established NHS GP Practice. In this Practice we believe that it is our responsibility to help maintain people in good health rather than simply to treat them when they are ill. 

For these reasons we work as a team of doctors, nurses, health visitors and counsellors. We link to the local community-based psychiatric teams, other support teams, drug dependency groups, alcohol support services and social services. 

The Practice values are Compassion, Aspiration, Respect and Equality – CARE. 

In addition to treating minor ailments, we also provide specialist management of long-term conditions including dedicated clinics such as health checks, baby clinics and diabetes management clinics. We also provide an online service so that you can book an appointment or request a prescription at anytime and anywhere. 

Meet the Team


Dr Owen Waldin (m)
Dr Maria Lazari (f)
Dr Francesca Oley (f)
Dr Victoria Muir (f)


Ms Ada Eze (f) 

Administration Team

Mr Alastair Clarke (m) 
Ms Andreia Pinto (f) 
Miss Mona Lisa McKenzie(f) 
Miss Kamila Hayat (f) 
Ms Marlane Lakey (f) 
Ms Maureen Hyde (f) 
Ms Lucy Giles (f) 

Care Navigators

Kira Byrne (F) 

Healthcare Assistant

Ms Zahida Malyar (f) 
Ms Lucy Giles (f) 

Locum Doctors

Dr Yen Yen Khor (f) 
Dr Hana Abu-Hassan (f) 
Dr Richard Devine (m)

Practice Management

Mr Rameez Xec (m) – Assistant Practice Manager 
Mr Alexander Hennessy (m) – Business and Finance Practice Manager 

Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor

Lils Rock (f)


Stethoscope with a heart

Who else might you see or speak with at the practice?

Alongside GPs and nurses, we work with other healthcare professionals and support staff to best support your needs. You may hear of people with roles such as Social Prescribers or Care Navigators.

These additional staff form part of the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (AARS). They were introduced by the NHS in 2019 to help increase access to Primary Care.

Find out more about AARS here

About the PCN

Our Practice is part of the South Westminster Primary Care Network (PCN)

There are 1,250 PCNs across England based on GP registered patient lists, typically serving natural communities of between 30,000 to 50,000 people. PCNs bring together GP Practices, community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services. 

Find out more about the PCN

Belgrave Medical Centre is also a member of Healthcare Central London (HCL)

This GP Federation covers the whole of Westminster and includes the South Westminster PCN. HCL supports us to provide services for our residents including out-of-hours appointments and cardiology and diabetes hubs.

Find out more about the Federation

GP Earnings

All GP Practices are required to declare mean earnings for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients. The average pay for GPs working in Belgrave Medical Centre in 2020/21 was £115,524 before tax & National Insurance.

This covers 2 full time GPs and 1 part-time GP and 1 locum GP who worked in the Practice for more than 6 months.

Complaints and feedback

We welcome all comments on the services provided by the Practice. 

We are continually looking to turn out patients’ feedback into real improvements in the services we provide. We use it to focus on the things that matter most to our patients, carers and their families. 

We would like to hear from you if you have a suggestion on how we can do things better to improve our patients’ experiences. We’d also like to hear from you if you are pleased with the service you’ve received. 

Our details can be found on our Contact Us page. 

You can also join our Patient Participation Group (PPG).

Find out more about the Patient Participation Group

The Friends and Family Test

The NHS Friends and Family Test was created to help Practices better understand if their patients are happy with the services provided. 

Submit your Friends and Family feedback View past Friends and Family results